Ossur Cold Rush OEM Power Supply


Ossur Cold Rush OEM Power Supply


Factory OEM Replacement power supply for your Ossur Cold Rush cooler

Technical Specifications:

Ossur warranty is void by use of any power supply other than the OEM Power Supply provided with the Cold Rush Therapy unit or Replacement from Ossur.

Electrical Power Supply

  • Model no: UES06WU-120050SPA
  • Input: 120V US, 240V EU
  • Input frequency: 60Hz US, 50Hz EU
  • Output power: 6W
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Output Current: 0.5A

Safety Standards:

The Cold Rush Cold Therapy System is tested and certified to comply with the IEC60601-1 standard of electrical safety of medical devices and IEC/ EN60601-1-2, electromagnetic compatibility for medical electrical devices.

The company fulfills the requirements of ISO13485.

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