3 Ply Face Mask 50 count


3 Ply Face Mask 50 count


Ideal for everyday use, 3 Ply face masks are excellent for protecting yourself from airborne pollutants or allergens as well as protecting those around you from coughs or sneezes. Designed to be both comfortable and functional, these masks are fluid resistant providing protection against large droplets or sprays of bodily fluids while still being breathable. Not all consumer 3 Ply disposable masks are the same. In fact some 3 ply masks filter less than 20% of .3 micron particles. Our 3 Ply disposable masks are manufactured to the YY/T0969 standard and when fitted properly can block up to 95% of airborne particles. Know before you be buy. If they don't tell you it's probably because the mask offers a low level of protection.

Featuring 3 layers of protection, the 3 Ply masks will be your go-to option for wearing on everyday errands such as trips to the grocery store, post office, parks, or any public area where you will be in close contact with others. These masks are intended for personal use only as they are not medical grade.

EU and CN Approved Standard YY/T0969 Filtration Effectiveness .3 microns > 95%

Note: The manufacturer of this mask is an establishment registered with the FDA - certification provided on request


  • Disposable face mask perfect for daily protection
  • Triple Layered Construction designed to be breathable with skin-friendly fibers.
  • Features soft elastic ear loops to eliminate pressure on the outer ear.
  • Comfortably fits most adults and children
  • Suitable for use where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain

* Non-Returnable Notice: Due to safety concerns, face masks as personal hygiene products are NOT returnable. Please be aware of it before placing your order.



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