Alcohol Cleaning Spray - 75% Alcohol - 8 ounces


Alcohol Cleaning Spray - 75% Alcohol - 8 ounces


Mark One Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Spray - 75% Alcohol - 8 ounces

75% ALCOHOL CONTENT: The simple formula of 75% alcohol and 25% water far exceeds recommended levels for cleaning surfaces and hands. No harmful chemicals added.

HAND SANITIZING SPRAY: This spray easily applies to hands and rubs in quickly to ensure you always receive the correct amount of sanitizer.

SURFACE CLEANER: Can be applied to effectively clean any often used surface including desks, chairs, door knobs, tables, counter-tops, car door handles, and more!

FRAGRANCE FREE: This sanitizer leaves your hands and surfaces clean without any bad or lasting odors.

EASY AND CONVENIENT: This spray bottle can be placed in easy-to-reach places and be applied and dried in seconds to any surface or your hands! Apply to hands or surfaces and allow sanitizer to air dry


  • Perfect for Daily Cleaning - Office, Home, Gym and more
  • 75% alcohol by volume - exceeds CDC minimum recommendation of 60%
  • 8 oz size 
  • Air Powered - CFC Free
  • FDA Registered
  • Made in the USA



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