Going To The Doctor During COVID 19

Posted by Source Cold Therapy on Oct 08, 2020

By now most of us have settled into life during the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic, creating our ‘new normal’. We have become accustomed to socially distancing when visiting with friends, going to the st … read more

​Recovering from Injury Using The RICE Method

Posted by Source Cold Therapy on Sep 01, 2020

At one point or another, we have all been faced with an injury that has put us out for a few days. Most of us know exactly what to do when that happens, take it easy, ice the area, maybe elevate it an … read more

​Understanding When to Use Cold Therapy vs Heat Therapy

Posted by Source Cold Therapy on Aug 13, 2020

So you’re tending to an injury or sore muscles and you’re trying to figure out how best to treat it. Do you use a hot or cold compress... or both? Making sure you treat your injury properly is a very … read more

Which Cold Therapy Unit Is Right For You

Posted by Source Cold Therapy on Jul 30, 2020

If you have recently had surgery or are nursing an injury, chances are you may have come across the idea of using a Cold Therapy Unit as a healing treatment. Cold Therapy, or Ice Therapy, is a treatme … read more