ThermaZone Back, Abdomen, and Hip Pad


ThermaZone Back, Abdomen, and Hip Pad


ThermaZone's Back, Abdomen, and Hip Pad feature Motion Advantage technology leveraging precise fluid movement and delivering uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the relief pad for the maximum therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Physician designed coverage; microchannels target key musculoskeletal areas
  • Constant, controlled flow maintains temperature consistency over the entire treatment period
  • Defined waterways mean no "dead spaces" in the pad with varying temperatures
  • Low profile microchannels operate with less water, making them lightweight, more efficient and form-fitting

The ThermaZone orthopedic Back Pad delivers cooling and heating therapy to those who’ve had lower back surgery. This therapeutic pad is specifically engineered to provide the ideal combination of pressure and temperature to the targeted area this reducing bruising, swelling, and pain post-back surgery. The Back Relief Pad is applicable in assisting recovery for:

  • Lower back surgery
  • Herniated disc
  • Bulging disc
  • Discectomy

Physician-designed to provide the ideal combination of pressure and temperature to the lower back and abdominal regions. Reduces post-surgery bruising and swelling, or pain in the abdomen post Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery or Liposuction.

  • Fits waist sizes 22" - 54"
  • Adequately sized to provide ample coverage

ThermaZone Relief Pads have the water delivery system welded directly into the pad for the perfect fit and conformance to every part of the body. Pads are made of soft, flexible, latex-free material for maximum comfort and are designed to meet the variability in patient shapes and sizes.


For use with the ThermaZone Thermal Therapy System  only. 

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