ThermaZone Knee/Elbow Relief Pads


ThermaZone Knee/Elbow Relief Pads


ThermaZone Pain Relief Pads Featuring Motion Advantage

Designed to deliver uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the pad. Constant, controlled temperature is the leading benefit for ThermaZone Pads. Designed with microchannels, Therma Zone Pads target key musculoskeletal areas of the body with constant, controlled temperature consistency over the entire treatment period. These low profile microchannels operate with less water making them lightweight, more efficient and form-fitting. ThermaZone overcomes the disadvantages of ice packs, heat packs and gel packs. There is no condensation and dripping, no risk of tissue damage, no toxic content, no risk of wound poisoning and no dangerous hot spots often associated with competitor products.

Prescribed by Orthopedic Surgeons to reduce bruising and swelling that may occur after knee surgery. Cryotherapy is proven to reduce bleeding, swelling and bruising and improve range of motion. Procedures may include:

  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Knee surgery
  • ACL surgery
  • Knee reconstruction
  • MCL surgery
  • Fits right or left knee



For use with the ThermaZone Thermal Therapy System only. 

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